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Orvia Touch Shipping Lines Limited is one the largest shipping company of Bangladesh, established in 2001 through the merger of Eastern Shipping Corporation and Western Shipping Corporation. The Chittagong-based, state-owned company provides break-bulk services, international container services, liquid/dry bulk services, offshore services, and passenger services. The company owns and operates around one-third of the Bangladesh tonnage, and serves both national and international trades.Orvia Shipping Lines Limited 3 container shipping service routes and owns 5 container vessels. The Bangladesh Subcontinent Europe service covers Mundra, Nhava Sheva,Colombo, Salalah, Gioia Tauro, Felixstowe, Hamburg, and Antwerp. The Far Eastern Services link India’s West Coast to China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. The Orvia Shipping Liner Express Service connects India and the Indian Subcontinent with the West Asia Gulf region. 

Our Service are

Container Service

Liner & Passenger Services Division (L&PS) includes Container Services & Marketing (CS&M), Break-Bulk (BB), Freight & Port Operations, Coastal & Passenger Services (CPS), Liner Technical (LT) and Information Technology (IT) Departments. Container Services forms the largest segment in L&PS Division. This segment provides worldwide coverage for containerized cargoes in and out of Bangladesh Sub-Continent through a combination of direct calls, slot sharing, slot charters and feeder arrangements. Orvia Touch  Shipping Lines Services are predominantly Bangladesh centric and, hence, Bangladesh provides dedicated and comprehensive coverage to all parts of the country in line with Governments policy of promoting Coastal Shipping & Inland Waterways. Additionally, SCI also covers the Bangladesh Sub-continent locations comprehensively. Break-bulk shipments are being catered to on space charter basis, as and when cargo enquiry is materialized. Orvia Touch Shipping Lines has space charter arrangements on containerized vessels as well as break-bulk vessels of various Main Line Operators. Coastal & Passenger Services Department of L&PS 

Division offers Manning, Operations & Technical Management of various Mainland-Islands, Foreshore and Inter-Island Passenger-Cum-Cargo Services operated by Andaman & Nicobar Administration as well as undertakes Technical Management & Manning of Research Vessels of various Government Departments, Agencies etc.

Oil Tanker

Orvia Touch Shipping Lines Limited is one of the largest Tanker owner in Bangladesh, with a well-diversified fleet of crude oil tankers consisting of all sizes: MR, LR-I, LR-II, Aframax, Suezmax and VLCC Tankers. Orvia’s Tanker tonnage paralleled the growth of Bangladesh Oil industry since the middle of 2001. Till last 2015 the tonnage predominantly catered to Bangladesh crude oil and product transportation. This was done keeping in view the specific constraints of terminals/ports in Bangladesh and infrastructural limitations like draft, availability of tankages, length/capacity of jetties, etc

Offshore Service

Offshore Services Department provides following services to offshore industry:

1) The Orvia Touch Shipping Lines Limited provides vital offshore marine logistics
support to the Bangladesh oil industry in its indigenous oil exploration

2) Orvia Touch Shipping Lines Limited owns 6 Anchor Handling, Towing & Support
Vessels (AHTS), 2 Platform Support Vessels (PSVs) and 2 Multi-Purpose Support
Vessels (MPSVs), which are chartered to various players in the Bangladesh
offshore industry. The clients can expect availability of vessels for offshore
logistics support with minimum agreed downtime.

  • These vessels offer following services:     
  • Towing & Anchor handling operations in Offshore.       
  • Carriage of men and materials (fuel oil, bulk cement and barite,
    deck cargo, refer cargo, pot water, drill water etc.) between base and offshore installations as well as between Offshore installations.
  • Carry out standby and rescue operations in offshore, if required.
  • Carry out routine surveillance in offshore for safety and security reasons.
  • Standby at SBM Tankers in Offshore.
  • Carry out Fire Fighting duties by FIFI vessels.    

3)  Orvia Shipping Lines Limited also offers Operations, manning, maintenance and Management (O&M) services of following vessels owned by Bangladesh E&P Company, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC): 

  • Well Stimulation Vessel
  • Multi Support Vessel
  • Diving Support Vessel
  • Geotechnical Vessel
  • Offshore Supply Vessels
  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (Drill Ships)

4) If the agreed service standards have not been fulfilled, Client may take up the matter with the concerned Group of Offshore Department. If the problem persists, then the client may take up the matter with Vice President I/C (OS & TS-F).

Break Bulk Service

The Orvia Touch Shipping Lines Limited is one of the best Bangladesh’s best shipping company providing overseas Liner Break-bulk services to the various regions across the globe including USA and Far East. This is offered for imports and exports in & out of Bangladesh, which include shipments of Over-Dimensional Cargoes (ODC)/ Project cargoes/Heavy Lift cargoes/IMO Class I Cargoes and containers. The Orvia Touch Shipping Lines arranges carriage of Break-bulk cargoes on a space charter basis from The Orvia Touch Shipping Lines has on its panel many reputed forwarders/ Shipping Lines having their own regular service in different sectors.  This enables the Orvia Touch Shipping Lines to caterto the needs of the customers to provide timely shipments and also shipments from every part of the world. The Orvia Touch Shipping Lines Breakbulk Department also makes arrangements for shipment of containerised cargo from those ports, where Orvia Touch  Shipping Lines does not have a regular container service.  These arrangements are made on slot charter basis with other major container operators.

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