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- Orvia Touch Construction

Welcome to Orvia Touch Construction Limited​

Orvia Touch Construction Limited is altering the features of the civil construction industry by amalgamating years of experience with a singular passion for outstanding work. Headquartered in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.

We are a solid organization participating in light and heavy civil construction projects, with focus on Civil and Building, Road & Bridges construction, Environmental Redemption & Maintenance Project i.e. earthworks, excavation, site infrastructure, sewers, drainage schemes, specialist buildings, culverts, roadwork’s, environmental improvements, steel framed structured toll operations and maintenance.

Our adaptable professional team brings added value to our clients’ businesses through their expertise and knowledge.

Orvia Touch Construction has its own employee integrity program implemented throughout its existing project which is yearly audited. To maintain the high quality and its reputation Orvia Touch Construction also has put in place a third party selection and validation process as per requirement. Through these implementations Orvia Touch Construction assures the best quality of clean and safe works.



·         Site Selection

·         Pro Forma-Budget Preparation

·         Project Estimating

·         Subcontractor Selection

·         Scheduling

·         Current Conditions Survey

·         Material Procurement Research

·         Value Engineering / Cost Bene_t Analysis 

         Detailed Construction Costs Presentation


  • Quality Control
  • Job Site Safety Control
  • Punch List Management / Timely Completion
  • Building / Client Rules and Regulations Compliance
  • Job Site Cleanliness
  • Schedule Compliance Design Team Communication


  • Project Financial Control
  • Subcontractor Contract Compliance
  • Schedule Management
  • Client Correspondence / Communication
  • Submittal Review & Management
  • Detailed Plan Review
  • Requests For Information Logs / Management Close-Out Documents Permitting


Overall project management including
  • Site supervision
  • Cost control management
  • Change management
  • Quality control & testing
  • Safety management
  • Schedule development and updates
  • Trade contractor management
  • LEED facilitation
  • BIM coordination
  • Progress monitoring
  • MEP coordination
  • Preliminary site assessments
  • Determination of best suited delivery method
  • Conceptual cost estimating
  • Preliminary schedule development & milestone establishment
  • Anticipated cash _ow projections
  • Lifecycle cost analysis
  • Multi-facility phasing evaluation

  • Design/Bid/Build (General Contractor)
  • Construction Manager at Risk
  • Construction Manager Agency
  • Design-Build
  • Design-Assist


Improvement of Joypur Jamtala Bazar Collection center Y6CC005 under Monirampur Upazila Dist. Jessore.

Improvement of Haitpur Asrayan Prokolpo-Rampur Road (USAID ID: Y6RD003 under Monirampur Upazia, Dist. Jessore.

Improvement by BC on Goalkandi H/O Samsuddin B/C road to RHD BC road by pass from CH. 0.00-1000.00m under Sadar Upazila Dist. Faridpur.

Improvement by BC on Karimpur RHD to Khaskandi UZR via Kosbagopalpur road from Ch. 00.00m- 2385.00m under Sadar Upazial Dist. Faridpur

Improvement of Mahila road R&H- Rasulpur GC via Bilnalia high school road (Ch: 3050m-4850m).

Improvement of Chormonair UP O_ce Arial river ghat via H/O Vice Chairman road Ch: 0.00m-2250.00m by HBB under Sadarpur Upazila, Dist. Faridpur.

Improvement by BC on Solitha UZR to Rangpasha via Hiyatoldi bazar road from Ch 00-00- 1720.00m under Nagarkanda Upazila Dist. Faridpur Road.